Askar iyo Bajaj

Why Mogadishu is Grappling with Out-of-Control Violence

Mogadishu, the Somali capital, with a population of 4.5 million, is plagued by out-of-control violence that is going crescendo. Unlike what most people believe, violence is no longer the preserve of the usual suspects: Al-Shabab insurgents. In fact, extremists compete with youth gangs and government forces. Day and night there are assassinations, suicide bombings, police […]

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Haweenka iyo Siyaasadda

Breaking the Barriers: Women’s Struggle for Political Participation in Somaliland

Somaliland, a self-declared state in the Horn of Africa, has long struggled with issues of gender inequality and misogyny within its political system. Despite its relative stability compared to other parts of Somalia, Somaliland continues to exclude women from meaningful participation in politics and decision-making processes. Zero female representation Somaliland has long been grappling with […]

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Reflecting on Ukraine Issue: One Year After (Part 1)

The war opposing Ukraine and Russia has been raging for a year and as in any war, the biggest casualty is not only the truth, but also the global economy. It’s also hard to fathom what impact an armed conflagration of such magnitude can have on warring nations, particularly on the rights and freedoms of […]

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Las Anod Protest

Why Somaliland’s Attempt to Subdue Las Anod is Doomed

The war to control Las Anod is in its eighth day and despite public outcry and international condemnation over the atrocities committed, is not about to end. Somaliland’s stubbornness to subdue the Sool, Sanaag and Cayn region despite the locals’ rejection of secession is hard to understand given the lessons from our history. The Somali […]

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Las Anod being shelled by the SNM

Las Anod: Under a Rain of Bullets and Shells

Since Monday, the day when the public consultation conference chaired by the local Garaads, traditional chiefs, was preparing to make public their agreement on the Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) region self-rule, the city of Las Anod has been subjected to a rain of bullets and shells. The shelling of Las Anod and surrounding fighting […]

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Dila Massacre 1991

Dila Massacre 1991

As Somaliland, the self-proclaimed independent state, enters its 31st year, its worst chapter in history remains buried beneath the sand, adding to the African continent’s lengthy litany of horrors. The Dila Massacre, the atrocity in issue, was a sequence of mass executions committed by members of the Isaaq clan against members of the Gadabursi clan […]

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Mass Grave in Awdal

Borama Massacre: The Right To Remember

Thirty-one years ago, to be precise on February 4, 1991, all hell broke loose on Awdal, the northern region of Somalia now claimed by Somaliland separatists. This is a date that any sensitive soul should remember. Within 12 hours, the SNM, a clannish rebel militia, fighting in theory against the central government, entered and mercilessly […]

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Borama Awdal

Awdal to Break Free from Somaliland

Now that Las Anod regained its freedom, all eyes are on Awdal to break free from Somaliland oppressive choke-hold. The general jubilation and the unity of the Sol population and the beautiful display of thousands of Somali flags leave regions still under the secessionists occupation in awe. The political earthquake whose epicenter is Las Anod, […]

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Las Anod Uprising

How the Las Anod Killings Started the Countdown to SSC Self-rule

As in any revolution, the people is the spearhead of political change. By attempting to violently stifle the power of the people, the oppressive secessionist regime of Somaliland not only hastened its downfall but began the countdown to self-rule for the Sol, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) regions. The brunt of the occupation Four weeks ago, […]

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South West State

Political Crisis In South-West State And Looming War

Since Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (HSM) was elected president in May 2022, some leaders of the federal member states of Somalia rushed local parliaments into term extensions. The President of Jubaland State, Mr. Ahmed Madobe, extended his term for one year, followed by President Abdiaziz Laftagareen of South-West State (SWS) and President Ahmed Karie Qoorqoor of […]

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Villa Rose Hotel

Security Forces Struggle to End Villa Rose Hotel Siege

Another hotel in Mogadishu, another terrorist attack, another siege and yet again the same security gaps as the militant group Al-Shabab has intensified its attacks in recent months. The police spokesman said 6 assailants stormed the Villa Rose Guest House early evening yesterday. Government officials and ministers have used the hotel as their residence in […]

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Ma’awisley Vigilantes: The Surge to Oust Al-Shabab

It has already been three months since a motley array of Somali forces have been fighting the extremist group Al-Shabab on several fronts in the southern regions of Somalia. At the center of the surge, the ma’awisley, local self-defense groups, supplemented by the regular army and the police. However, mixed forces fighting on an equal […]

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