Ethiopia deal with SL

Why Somaliland poses an existential risk to the Somali nation

The recent actions of Musa Bihi Abdi, the leader of the breakaway Somaliland region, have sparked significant concerns about the existential risk this renegade region poses to all of Somalia. In a drastic move, Abdi has unilaterally ceded a portion of Somalia’s coastline to Ethiopia in exchange for shares in Ethiopian Airlines and potential recognition […]

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Gaza AI generated

Palestinian Genocide: 100 days of Mass Slaughter

100 long days have passed since the start of the Palestinian genocide. 100 days during which the Zionist regime supported by the West began to massacre 31,497 Palestinians in Gaza day after day, according to Euro-Med Monitor. Nearly half of the martyrs are children. Despite claiming to only eradicate the Palestinian resistance they barely touched, […]

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MoU Protest in Mogadishu

Somali nation in unison to reject Ethiopia’ encroachment

Since Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed signed a memorandum of understanding on January 1 with Musa Bihi Abdi, the leader of the breakaway Somaliland region, the Somali nation reacted in unison by rejecting what it saw as yet another Ethiopian attempt to encroach on its territory. Even though street protests, meetings, online discussions and local […]

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Somali government empowered secessionist leader

After two days meeting in Djibouti, from December 28 and 29, an agreement to restart talk on Somaliland secession between the federal government of Somalia and the secessionist region have set in motion a crisis in the Horn of Africa. This meeting, held at the behest of the British ambassador to Somalia, was hosted by […]

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Khadija Diriye

Somalia mourns loss of Minister Khadija Diriye

The Somali nation mourns the unexpected loss of Khadija Mohamed Diriye, Somali Minister for Women and Human Rights Development, yesterday in Djibouti, at the age of 74. Ms. Diriye was born, raised and educated in Somalia. She was a colorful politician with a strong personality. She was respected by her male counterparts, even in a […]

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HSM son

Somali president’s son flees Turkiye after killing courier

Somali president’s son crashed into a Turkish motorcycle courier on a busy highway in Istanbul on November 30. Mohamed Hassan Sheikh Mahamud was driving a diplomatic registered car even though he is not attached to the Somali embassy or holds no official role while in Turkiye. The victim, father of two young children, sole breadwinner, […]

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PM Hamze Barre

US, UAE pressure Somali president to sack PM for calling Israel a terrorist organization

After weeks of no official statement and a president unwilling to address the great anguish felt by the Somali nation over the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza, Prime Minister Hamze Abdi Barre lashed out at Israel, calling it a terrorist organization while backing Hamas in its liberation struggle. In a conference held in Mogadishu earlier […]

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Abiy Ahmed

How Abiy’s Red Sea speech aims to reshape the Horn of Africa

PM Abiy Ahmed described Ethiopia’s access to the Red Sea as “inalienable rights” based on the historical, geographic, human and economic interconnectedness of the entire region. He also presented different scenarios to get a port for his country to thwart an upcoming Ethiopian population explosion that would threaten peace in the region.

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Marwo Abdi Bashir

President pressures Somali national to withdraw from race for IPU presidency

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s efforts to force a Somali national to withdraw from an international body election race in favor of a Tanzanian national once again highlight the level of corruption Somalia is dipped in under his tenure.

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Thank you Farmajo

Farmajo denounced government’s plan to tamper with the constitution

Former President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, now in self-imposed exile in Turkey, made a rare entrance into Somalia’s federal politics to warn the nation about government’s plan to tamper with the constitution without any oversight. In his press release published on X (twitter) and Facebook, Farmajo denounced the actions of the current government aimed at unilaterally […]

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