President Farmajo Met With Parliament At A Critical Time

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo met with the Parliament at a critical time to share the outcome of the last round of negotiation with regional states presidents.

President Farmajo, who addressed the House of the People of the Federal Parliament at the Consultative Meeting in Samareb, commended the two Houses of Parliament for their contribution to ensuring that the country does not enter a constitutional vacuum.

The President shared with the House of Representatives the government’s efforts to implement the country’s elections, highlighting the commitment of Federal Government to the implementation of the September 17 agreement reached between the Federal and State Governments and ratified by both Houses of Parliament.

“We have been making concessions since the election law passed by this House, until the recent conference in Samareb. I have reached a point where they have write the 17 September agreement to their liking, as I consider it important for our unity and solidarity to reach a political agreement that reflects the aspirations of the Somali people. ”

President Farmajo pointed to the political challenges facing the electoral agreement, which came from the Puntland and Jubbaland administrations’ refusal to implement the provisions they had previously signed, indicating their reluctance to hold inclusive elections.

“I made only two points during the negotiations on the September 17th Agreement, which were to reduce the registration fee for Somali women to join the two Houses of Parliament and to let the Independent Election Commission administer the National Elections, as they are considered to be neutral and were nominated before us. Both proposals were rejected, and we conceded to hold the elections possible. ”

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo expressed optimism and emphasized the importance of unity and compromise for the common good. He finally requested the people’s representatives to get involved and bring the uncooperative state-governments in the fold.