Day: 5 March 2021

Opposition Demonstration In Mogadishu Postponed

The opposition protest scheduled for today in Mogadishu in Daljirka Dahsoon Square, a popular place for rallies, has been postponed. Opposition groups and the federal government have been at loggerheads over technical issues. A meeting between Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and opposition candidates in Mogadishu last night ended in failure. The two sides blamed […]

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Al-Shabaab stormed Bosaso Prison and released large numbers of prisoners

Dozens of gunmen stormed the Bosaso’s central jail in the middle of the night, freeing a large number of Al-Shabaab detainees. Al-Shabaab claims to have released about 400 detainees from Bosaso Central Prison. The prison housed members of al-Shabaab and ISIS who had previously been sentenced to various terms. Most Puntland authorities say they were […]

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