Somalis To Take Part In The Maritime Defense

Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled Khadar calls on Somalis to take part in maritime defense in support of the ICJ upcoming hearing.

Mr. Khadar and Attorney General Suleiman Mohamed held a press conference at Aden Adde International Airport to discuss the maritime case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which begins this month. March 15.

“We are leaving this morning to attend the Somali maritime trial which will be opened by the International Court of Justice on the 15th of this month,” Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled told reporters inside Aden Adde International Airport this morning.

Mr. Mahdi Guled calls on the Somali people, Somali language media and Somali journalists to play their part in defending the sea.

“Your role as a media is to play a role in defending Somalia’s seas,” he said.

Similarly, the Attorney General Suleiman Mohamed Mohamud said: “The Federal Government will do everything in its power to complete the facilities and equipment necessary for the maritime case”.

“In Somalia, I hope we can win the case in the maritime case,” said Prosecutor Suleiman Mohamed Mohamud.

The Prime Minister’s delegation to The Hague includes National Prosecutor Suleiman Mohamed Mohamud, former National Prosecutor Ahmed Ali Dahir, who was among the officials who worked to open the maritime case at the International Court of Justice and Yusuf Garaad Omar, Somalia’s Special Representative for the Red Sea and the Arabian Peninsula.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) says it is the last chance to hear a maritime dispute between Somalia and Kenya in mid-March 2021, after the court postponed three times the final hearing after Kenya made the request.