Foreign Representation Cacophony and the Somali Gov’t Response

In the past few hours, there have been increasing calls from donors to Somalia over the election.

Friends of Somalia have for the past 24 hours have started sending tweets calling for urgent elections.

The European Union (EU) says the Somali people want the country’s presidential and parliamentary elections to take place. The EU also said that in the event of a unilateral or parallel election, Somalia would not receive financial support.

“Somalia’s leaders need to find a compromise that will lead to a speedy electoral process and a peaceful transfer of power, through the implementation of the September 17 agreement. The current lack of agreement will significantly delay the pace of change. urgently needed, to the detriment of Somali citizens, ”said a statement from the European Union.

The statement from the Union added that personal interests should not be given priority.

“When personal priorities are above the public interest, political leaders shame themselves for representing their citizens. Those who disrupt the dialogue or use of violence will be held accountable and will face the consequences of their actions. ”

‘Federal leaders and Member States of Somalia must respect the obligations of the Somali people and hold parliamentary and presidential elections as soon as possible. No alternative, partial or partial process will receive our support. ”

Meanwhile, the Norwegian embassy in Mogadishu has issued a statement on Twitter that angered Somalis for its clear meddling in current elections standoff.

A Norwegian embassy in Somalia statement posted on Twitter said: “As a close partner, Norway is deeply concerned about the lack of political will by all to seek a solution. The FGS is obliged to secure swift transfer of power, as are all political actors. A successful way forward requires courageous leaders seeking consensus.”

The Embassy quickly clarified its position posting another statement:

“The Embassy would like to clarify that what we hope to see are swift and peaceful elections, based on consensus. Norway, as a long-term friend and partner of Somalia, is and always will remain impartial to the internal choices made by the Somali people.”

The government through its Minister of Information also responded to this foreign embassy cacophony.

Somali Minister of Information Osman Abukar Dubbe said the allegations and threats from the international community were baseless.

Friends who support Somalia have been blaming the federal government and regional administrations for the past 48 hours.

Speaking to the media, Minister Dubbe said: “There are some ambassadors who sometimes send messages to the Somali government and people that do not comply with international law and respect the sovereignty of countries. ”

Mr. Dubbe added: The FRS is an independent republic, and its internal affairs are inviolable. In Somalia no one interferes in her election, nor does she tweet. We also call on our international partners to safeguard the independence and unity of the international community. Any message that opposes independence and sovereignty is unacceptable.

A statement posted on the Twitter account of the Chinese embassy in Somalia supported the Federal Government of Somalia’s position that the Federal Republic of Somalia is an independent country that can never accept foreign interference.

The Chinese government has stated that it respects the sovereignty and dignity of the Federal Republic of Somalia, and stands by the principle that Somalia belongs to Somalis.