Electoral Consultative Body Discusses Absent Regional Leaders

The Minister of Information of the Federal Government of Somalia, Osman Abokor Dubbe, who addressed the National Electoral Consultative Conference, said that President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has sent a delegation to the Heads of State of Puntland and Jubaland who have not yet joined the National Electoral Consultative Assembly.

The Minister pointed out that the closed-door meeting today focused on the legitimacy of the absence of the Presidents of Puntland, Said Abdullahi Dani and Jubbaland, Ahmed Mohamed Islam, as the Leaders stressed the importance of accelerating the implementation of the electoral agreement. approved by both Houses of Parliament in September.

“President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has sent a delegation to the Presidents of Galmudug, Ahmed Abdi Kariye, Hirshabelle, Ali Abdullahi Hussein, and South West, Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed, to meet with the absent leaders and share the importance of fulfilling their role to hold elections The minister also called on the Somali people to be patient as the conference has been going on for some time, due to the surrounding circumstances and the efforts of the leaders to implement the September 17th election agreement.