Unruly MPs Barred From Parliament

Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Mr. Mohamed Mursal, barred 15 lawmakers from attending the next five parliamentary sessions.

In the letter issued yesterday by the speaker of the Parliament, these lawmakers were declared to be in contempt of Parliament for obstructing the March 27th 2021 session.

Contempt is any action that obstruct or interferes with Parliament from performing their duties. It is up to the Parliament to decide whether something is or is not contempt as there’s always a new way to interfere with the Parliament normal business.

Yesterday’s meeting of the House of the People was adjourned after a commotion erupted at the opening of the session as the MPs were refusing to sign their attendance.

The MPs who hail from the opposition have made allegations that the Covid-19 meeting is a covert extension of the government’s term.

Among the MPs who have been suspended, there are previous offenders with a history of unruly behaviours and others are members or supporters of the National Salvation Forum, a group that is stalling the federal elections.

Those suspended 15 MPs, after a meeting at Hotel Jazeera, shared their reaction to the Speaker’s decision.

MP Mahad Salad said the decisions made by parliament were illegal and he did not have the right to prevent lawmakers from attending meetings.

He also said that they will attend the next meeting, scheduled on March 31st, and that the Speaker of the House of Representatives will be personally responsible for any harm that may befall the MPs.

Some of the MPs who spoke for their part said that the speaker of the parliament is working for the outgoing president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and against the nation’s interests.

Somalia is currently facing a political crisis due to a deadlock on the federal elections.

Two regional states leaders, Said Deni and Ahmed Madobe, are blocking any attempt to make a deal on electoral process as long as all their demands are not fulfilled by the current administration.

Political commentators suggested more unruly behaviours and direct actions are expected in the coming weeks if the government doesn’t take action against agitators who threaten the stability of the country.