Puntland Unpaid Forces Set Up Roadblocks

Puntland, Darawish forces, protesting against unpaid salaries, have installed a checkpoint on the Garowe-Gaalkacyo highway for almost a week.

Units of the protesting army, complaining of lack of rights and salaries, barred Puntland officials from using the Garowe-Gaalkacyo highway, particularly in the Harfo area of Mudug region.

Army officials told Puntland Post that they would not leave until they were given the rights they were entitled to, and that they would not allow government officials to use the highway.

Officials also said they blocked Puntland Finance Minister Hassan Abgal from using the road, but canceled his trip due to road closures.

Puntland has been economically struggling since the last few years due to hyperinflation, mismanagement and widespread corruption in every institution.

Moreover, Said Deni’s administration has been marred by controversies for its suppression of basic freedoms and its use of soldiers to quell dissatisfaction over the handling of these issues.

The security forces’ morale is so low that they are unable to do their job and resort to desperate measures such as harassing officials who live in luxury.

Political commentators fear the worst if current state persists.