Heroic Gor-Gor Forces Promoted

The Somali government has promoted heroic Gor-Gor forces in Barire and Awdheegle districts of Lower Shabelle region, following a recent battle with Al-Shabab.

In recent days, Al-Shabab militants have carried out a series of planned bombings and direct attacks against national army bases, but the troops have defended themselves and inflicted a crushing defeat on the attackers.

The commander of the armed forces, General Odowa Yusuf Rage, has conferred ranks on the troops he says were victorious in the battle against Al-Shabab.

The Somali government has previously said Al-Shabab fighters have been severely beaten in Awdheegle district, leaving behind a large number of dead.

The Minister of Defense of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr. Hassan Hussein Haji, for his part congratulated the officers, non-commissioned officers and all the promoted soldiers who took part in the recent major terrorist defeat in Aw-dheegle and Barire.

He also commended the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, and the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr. Mohamed Hussein Roble, for their commitment to rebuild, strengthen and motivate the Somali Armed Forces.

The Ministry of Defense and the Somali National Army Command have been working hard to motivate the troops to intensify operations against Al-Shabab terrorists.