Police Seized Large Sums Of Money Being Smuggled From Kenya

The Somali Police at Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport seized a large amount of cash that was smuggled into the country by a plane from Kenya.

Somali police spokesman Sadiq Adan Ali, who released the statement, did not give many details but said investigations were ongoing and the owner of the money in question is currently being questioned by the police department and that he will soon appear in court.

“At around 9 am this morning, police at Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport seized a large amount of dollars that was traveling between Mogadishu and Nairobi. “The money was intended to be smuggled into the country, which is against national and international law,” Adan said.

A statement from the Somali police spokesperson added: “The amount of money and the suspect are in the custody of the police, who is under investigation and will be brought to justice. We commend the police and other airport staff for their dedicated work. “

Meanwhile, Somali Police Force chief Abdi Mohamed Hassan Hijar tweeted: “I commend the police forces at Aden Adde International Airport for seizing large sums of money today from boarding a plane from Kenya. The incident is the subject of further investigation. “

The past few days, Somali security services are on high alert following threats of unrest by opponents to the election law passed by the Parliament on April 12th. Also, the president in his last interview aired 3 days ago has accused Kenya on being behind many attempts to destabilize the country.

On April 2018, Somalia seizes $10 million in cash from a plane from the United Arab Emirates. The UAE did not give satisfactory explanation as to where the money was going. The UAE became a destabilizing factor after the current Somali administration refused to take sides in the Arab Gulf dispute between Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. They reportedly fund some opposition politicians.