National Electoral Consultative Meeting: Day 2

The consultative meeting on electoral issues between the federal government and state governments has entered its second day, after it was officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble yesterday.

The conference, which was attended by state leaders and the governor of Benadir region, began yesterday in a positive and optimistic atmosphere, and discussions will continue today on key issues related to the country’s elections based on the September 17 agreement and the technical committee’s supplement of the February 16.

The delicate meeting began in a calm atmosphere and will be attended by the country’s five regional presidents as well as the mayor of Mogadishu.

Much of the conference will focus on the political situation in the country, particularly the election crisis, in order to find a lasting solution.

The conference will also conclude with the September 17 agreement, which is the basis for this year’s elections in Somalia.

The Somali government, which organized the conference, also expressed optimism that a comprehensive understanding of electoral issues would be reached.

“The prime minister wants as much as possible to summarize the key issues to be discussed by the leaders in their meetings so that they can be resolved easily with a mindset of compromise, brotherhood, and priority be given to the security of the people of Somalia and that the country to go to a mutually agreed upon election, ”said Somali government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu.

So far, leaders’ meetings are proceeding as planned by the Prime Minister, which includes occasional private appointments and private discussions.

Meanwhile, political meetings were held in Mogadishu last night to discuss the difficult situation in the country, especially the difficult transition period.

The first meeting took place between leaders of the Jubaland and Puntland regional administrations as well as politicians from the northern regions focusing on the concerns of Somaliland members representing the federal government, particularly the formation of an electoral commission.

There was also a meeting in the capital last night between the President of Southwest and some opposition candidates discussed the election.

Somalia is still in a difficult situation due to electoral tensions, but there are high hopes for the Aviazione Conference, which is expected to reach a final decision on how to move forward.