Dr. Abdirahman D. Beyle: Somali Personality Of The Month Of April

Kormeeraha Magazine contributors has chosen Dr. Abdirahman Duale Beyle, the Federal minister of finances, as the Somali Personality of the Month of April.

Dr. Beyle who contribution to the country is immeasurable, is also an internationally acclaimed economist.

Since being appointed Minister of Finance, he has put the state’s finances back in order and rehabilitated the country’s image within the international community.

His timely appearance before the media to explain his actions or any misconceptions makes him the most trusted and the most commended public official.

His impact on the country’s debt relief was highly regarded and, since April, his direct appeal to every Somali on earth to help liberate Somalia from dependence on foreign aid elevated him an extra notch on people’s heart.

His professionalism and patriotism are second to none.