PM Roble Highlighted His Neutrality In The Upcoming Elections

Speaking at an event in Daynile district, Roble reaffirmed the government’s commitment to lead a fast, transparent and credible electoral process, and promised equality for all candidates.

“For my part, as Prime Minister, I will work for a fair election. As an example, I won’t differentiate between two candidates like former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre and President Farmajo,” said Prime Minister Roble.

As suspicions persist in certain circles close to the opposition, he stressed that he has no hidden agenda.

“I have no special interest in this election, I have no special interest in resolving it for you, all candidates are equal to me in a fair manner,” added Roble, who ruled out the possibility of self-explanatory.

Some circles who want to prevent the president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo from returning despair of the mediocrity of current candidates. For them, the prime minister should stand as a candidate for the presidential elections.

However, the prime minister has ruled out running in the upcoming presidential elections.

The various members who spoke at the ceremony all praised the good work done by Prime Minister Roble such as he worked for the stability of the capital and for the country to move to a free and fair elections.

Roble recently took over the leadership of the country’s elections and has since taken a number of steps to demonstrate his electoral neutrality, although some members of the opposition are spreading rumors that Villa Somalia is pressuring him.