PM Roble Published List Of New Electoral Commissions

Following a review and amendment to the May 27th National Consultative Assembly agreement, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble released a list of Federal, State and Dispute Resolution Electoral Commissions.

Mr. Roble issued last night a decree appointing committees to oversee the upcoming elections for the two Houses of the Federal Parliament and the Dispute Resolution Committee.

Roble nominated: 1- List of Electoral Commissions, 2- List of Dispute Resolution Committees, 3- List of State Electoral Commissions, 4- List of Somaliland Electoral Commission, 5- List of Benadiri Electoral Commission, 6- List of Members The Federal Government includes the states.

About the Electoral Commissions Members Verification Committee

The Chairman of the Electoral Commission Verification Committee and Minister of Education of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr. Abdullahi Abukar Haji, described the committee’s work in sorting out the complainants, saying that 40 members had been removed and replaced with new ones.

Mr Abdullahi stressed that the Somali prime minister today signed a new electoral commission list, which he described as neutral and will not be one-sided, apologizing in advance for the possibility that people have wrongly been removed from this list.

The chairman of the Electoral Commission said that from today now on, the country is ready to go to the polls and he hopes that the political stakeholders in the country will be all right with that.

Political stakeholders welcome the new list

Immediately after the publication of the list of all committees, the reaction from some politicians was not to be expected. Those who have spoken so far have indicated that they are satisfied with the work of the review committee.

Lawmaker Mahad Salad, Minister Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, presidential candidates Mohamed Sirin and Abdikarin Hussein Guled, who spoke of Prime Minister Roble’s decision to announce the list of electoral commissions, said they were satisfied with all the candidates at different levels. commissions.

Politicians such as Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame have indicated in recent days that the preliminary list of committees included ineligible members and that they were unhappy with Mr. Roble’s ministerial-level verification process, even though nearly 40 members were removed various levels of electoral commissions.