Month: July 2021

Is Saeed Deni Seeking The Presidency?

Puntland President Saeed Abdullahi Deni is in an undisclosed election campaign, seeking the presidency of Somalia. Although Deni has not yet officially announced his intentions, he is taking steps to make it clear that he intends to take over the seat currently held by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. The reason Deni has not yet announced […]

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Opposition candidates

Opposition Released A Letter Of Desperation

Around a week ago, Somali opposition candidates united under the Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) released a letter of desperation demanding the government that President Abdullahi Mohamed “Farmajo” be barred from running for a second mandate. In the press release, they accused President Farmajo of abusing his constitutional power by sending Somali soldiers trained by […]

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The Hirshabelle Imbroglio

Since Ali Gudlawe’s presidential election, Hirshabelle regional state has been plagued by internal political struggles that threaten the federal electoral process. On july 3rd, Hirshabelle cabinet ministers led by the Vice-president Yusuf Ahmed Hagar (Yusuf Dabageed) arrived in Beledweyn, Hiran region, to hold a cabinet meeting for the first time since November 2020. On the […]

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Deggan Mirash: The Reincarnation Of Hawo Tako

In these troubled times in Somali history, few can withstand the recurring abuse than Deggan Mirash, a young mother of four, who is Somaliland’s longest-serving flag martyr. She has suffered greatly from massive abuse of power due to repeated, long and unlawful detentions and harassment at the hand of the Hargeisa-based administration. Deggan is currently […]

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Indirect presidential election due on October 10th this year. The national consultation forum for the federal elections which comprises of five states leaders plus Benadir governor and the Prime minister, held two-days conference for finalizing elections dialogue in Mogadishu on the 28-29th of May, 2021. On the 30th May, 2021, the office of the prime […]

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Somali Anti-Colonial Struggle and How July 1st Came To Be

This article summarizes Somali anti-colonial struggle and how July 1st came to be known as the National Day. The Somali people are among the nations of the world who have long struggled to find a way out of foreign colonialism and to achieve freedom, unity and modern nation-building in Somalia. July 1 is a national […]

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