Hanifa Habsade : Somalia’s Fearless Women Rights Activist

This month, the Kormeeraha Magazine Team settled on Hanifa Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade as the Somali Personality of the month of July.

Ms. Hanifa, the Minister for Women and Human Rights, is visible in all forums speaking on behalf of women, children, the disabled and other marginalized sectors of society.

These sectors, deprived of rights but which represent the majority of the population, have found in Hanifa a fearless and committed champion in a male dominated Somalia.

To achieve her objective, she does not hesitate to go outside the government framework and rally the support of the UN and regional leaders.

Hanifa is the right spokesperson when it comes to negotiating a commitment from all political actors to a minimum quota of 30% representation of women in parliament.

Her fight for fair representation of women, domestic violence, impunity for rape, women’s land rights and services for disadvantaged groups, is a cause of celebrity.

The Somali nation has noticed and praise her hard work and advocacy on behalf of the less privileged in society.

Hanifa, young, educated and activist, has so far shattered all prejudices about Somali women in politics and she does not intend to stop there.

Minister Hanifa Habsade has all it takes to break the glass ceiling in Somalia and could one day become the first female prime minister or president.