Abukar Osman Baale: Outstanding Personality of December

Kormeeraha team settled on Abukar Dahir Osman “Baale”, Somalia’s Ambassador at the United Nations,  as our personality of the month of December for his outstanding work.

Mr. Baale is at the forefront of fighting for Somalia’s sovereignty at a time when the country is bound by numerous UN resolutions passed under the infamous Chapter 7 of the UN Charter which binds Somalia to international oversight.

Ambassador Baale was appointed at his post a time when Somalia needed a true patriot with a strong character, someone articulate enough to win over the international community on the world stage.

Abukar pushed for invasive UN Resolutions that have been renewed repeatedly in the past without much debate to be given careful consideration in face of hostile UNSC penholders.

Through his diplomatic efforts, Somalia would be able to secure its maritime borders within months without the current foreign interference, phase out AMISOM on Somali terms and eventually lift the arms embargo with agreed benchmarks.

In June 2021, reflecting the Somali government’s firmness in the face of Kenya’s disregard for peace and the sanctity of life, the Somali Ambassador presented evidence to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) that Kenyan warplanes had bombed Somalia, killing and injuring Somali women and children.

A personal achievement that also shows Somalia’s steady improvement on the international forum is the fact that Mr. Baale was elected Vice-President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in June 2020. The first time since 1986 that Somalia wins that title.

On October 2021, thanks to his strong personality and hard work, Somalia won for another 3 years a seat on the UN Human Rights Council.

This Kormeeraha recognition of his work is due to his success last December in laying the groundwork for the final abandonment of UN Resolution 2608 on international naval patrol in Somali waters.

Last but not least, in January 2019, Abukar Baale was hailed when he told the world not to interfere in Somalia’s internal affairs after Nicholas Haysom was expelled for his interference.

We commend his professionalism, his patriotism, his courage and his leadership, and wish him much more success in the future.