Month: April 2023

The Irir Samaale Leaders

The Irir Samaale Ploy to Divide and Perpetuate Chaos

The clan-based political alliance around Irir Samaale, hatched by the Djiboutian president and his allies in Somalia, the president of the federal government and the head of the separatist region of Somaliland, has recently caused concern among the Somali public, who see it as a political ploy to divide and perpetuate chaos in Somalia. The […]

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Controversy around the Presidential Envoy on Somaliland

Saturday’s presidential appointment of Abdirashi Guled as special envoy for Somaliland relations sparked an outcry among the Somali public who sees it as poor leadership and gross injustice towards the victims of Hargeisa’s secessionists in the Sool region. Hiring an old friend Abdirashid Guled is considered to be close to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud. He […]

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