Palestinian Genocide: 100 days of Mass Slaughter

100 long days have passed since the start of the Palestinian genocide. 100 days during which the Zionist regime supported by the West began to massacre 31,497 Palestinians in Gaza day after day, according to Euro-Med Monitor. Nearly half of the martyrs are children.

Despite claiming to only eradicate the Palestinian resistance they barely touched, the Zionist army and US special forces said to be on the ground helping the genocidal regime are in fact have mass slaughtered children as young as 1 day old, mothers, elderly, disabled people, teachers, doctors, paramedics, UN representatives, journalists, poets, even Christians nuns…

The attack is being described as the worst genocide in modern times, as Gaza’s defenseless Palestinians are subjected to a medieval siege and followed live as the most deadly bombings are dropped on them.

The horrific torment inflicted on people already under occupation for over 100 years is accompanied by starvation as a weapon of war and certain death from disease while basic medicines or essential medical supplies will not be able to enter this narrow strip of land.

100 days of deliberate destruction aimed at razing Gaza so that anyone who survives the extermination campaign will never live there. The Zionists’ clear intention to ethnically cleanse what was previously described as a huge “open-air prison” or “concentration camp” is becoming the largest killing field or a “graveyard for children”, as the UN General Secretariat, Antonio Guterres, put it last November.

In an unprecedented way in modern history, the occupying power targets residences, hospitals, schools, places of meditation, cemeteries, fields, museums, libraries, without any restraint, without repercussions and without heed calls to stop the bloodshed.

2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza have nowhere to shelter from the relentless bombardment, as every square meter of this tiny, densely populated and tightly sealed territory is the target of the most heinous military regime in living memory.

As the Zionist garrison state leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, defiantly said, his killing machine won’t stop for anything until total annihilation of the Palestinian people.

Regardless, there is no end to this human suffering at present, as the UN and humanitarian organizations are blocked by the US, UK and others Western countries are shamelessly abetting a new holocaust.