Avisioni tent

Public Anxiety As Somalia Awaits Presidential Election

There is one day left until the May 15 presidential election and anxiety is mounting with uncertainty over who will be Somalia’s next president. The indirect election, which has dragged on for a year and a half, has created unease throughout the country, especially since the people have no control over the process. A dozen […]

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Somali puzzle

The 4.5 Clan Model: A Somali-owned Solution

For decades, Somalia has been using a clan-power sharing model known as “4.5”. Some believe the model has an external origin (Sodere, 1997) and was institutionalized in the Arta (2000) peace process, in Djibouti. In reality, the initial shape of this model was locally devised in January 1991. What is the 4.5 model? Essentially, the […]

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Lido Beach Attack

The Truth Behind The Lido Beach Restaurant Attack

The explosion two days ago at Mogadishu’s restaurant on Lido Beach is believed to be the work of a sophisticated network attempting to destabilize Somalia in order to secure an electoral win for the opposition. At the time of the blast, ten lawmakers and other dignitaries from Khatumo state of Somalia were having iftar with […]

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General Odowa

Meet Somalia’s Youngest Chief of Staff

Odowa Yusuf Rageh became Somalia’s youngest Brigadier General at 32 in 2019. Since his promotion by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, he has been targeted by opponents of the President’s policies. The opposition, which now include Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, hostile nations and foreign war profiteers, has called into question the young general’s age and […]

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Beledweyne Terror Attacks

Beledweyne Bombings: Who Is Behind?

On Wednesday evening, a suicide bomber blew himself at Lamagalay compound in Beledweyne killing MP Amina Mohamed Abdi and her security detail. The MP was walking to meet Hirshabelle President Ali Gudlawe Hussein in the heavily guarded compound which houses government’s offices. A second attack, this time with a car bomb, occurred just after the […]

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Canadian forces abuses

Canadian Forces Abuses In Somalia, 29 Years Later

29 years ago, Canadian soldiers sent to Somalia as part of the global humanitarian effort captured a 16 year-old child named Shidane Abukar Arone and tortured him to death in their camp. On March 16, 1993, Shidane Arone was captured while looking for a lost child in proximity of the Canadian base in Beledweyne. He […]

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EU Naval Forces

EU Naval Forces Have No More Business In Somali Waters

UN anti-piracy resolution officially ends on March 3. Somalia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Abukar Osman Baale, has convinced the UN Security Council that Somalia does not want a renewal of the anti-piracy measures granting sweeping powers to European Union Naval Forces (EUNAVFOR) and other foreign forces operating in Somali waters. EUNAVFOR, the European Union […]

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IOG Barons

Djibouti: Has The Race To Succeed IOG Begun?

Djiboutians have been witnessing for the last couple of weeks events worthy of a television series where barons of the current regime, under Ismail Omar Guelleh (IOG), have been locked up, for a few days unfortunately, at the “Gabode’s Sheraton‘‘. These barons used this oxymoron to refer to the infamous Gabode prison when they were […]

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How The Looming Deadline Reveals The Ugly Truth Of The Indirect Election

There are two days left to conclude Somalia’s parliamentary election as the February 25 agreed deadline approaches. With 70% of the 275 seats filled, politicians are resorting to dirty tricks to get their allies elected. Interestingly, the looming deadline revealed the ugly truth about the indirect election. For the past few days, things have been […]

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Shady deals

When Shady Oil Deals Collide With Integrity

A day ago, Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, sent shockwaves through Somalia by tweeting that he had signed seven Production Sharing Agreements (PSA) with Coastline Exploration Limited. This shady company, formerly known as Soma Oil and Gas, had coveted Somali oil for years and even conspired with Hassan Khaire, the disgraced […]

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