PM Hamze Barre

US, UAE pressure Somali president to sack PM for calling Israel a terrorist organization

After weeks of no official statement and a president unwilling to address the great anguish felt by the Somali nation over the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza, Prime Minister Hamze Abdi Barre lashed out at Israel, calling it a terrorist organization while backing Hamas in its liberation struggle. In a conference held in Mogadishu earlier […]

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Abiy Ahmed

How Abiy’s Red Sea speech aims to reshape the Horn of Africa

PM Abiy Ahmed described Ethiopia’s access to the Red Sea as “inalienable rights” based on the historical, geographic, human and economic interconnectedness of the entire region. He also presented different scenarios to get a port for his country to thwart an upcoming Ethiopian population explosion that would threaten peace in the region.

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Awdal MPs

What reopening Somaliland constitution means for Awdal

Last week, to everyone’s surprise, parliamentarians representing Awdal succeeded for the first time in getting their bill to reopen the Somaliland constitution approved by the breakaway Somali region’s House of Representatives. Awdal which is one of the 5 of the regions recognized by Somaliland constitution has long complained of being left behind in program funding, […]

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Qoorqoor in Fatigue

Qoorqoor now tops Al-Shabab’s hit list

The government’s war against Al-Shabab is escalating and causing casualties on both sides. Government forces and Ma’awisley militias have made significant progress, with Al-Shabab leaders either eliminated or surrendering in some areas. Besides fighting back with all they got, the ragtag violent organization has increased its suicide attacks against Somali personalities on its hit list. […]

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HSM Las Anod

Why President Hassan Sheikh shuns Las Anod’s plea for recognition

For eight months, the breakaway northern Somali region, also called Somaliland, has been shelling on daily basis the city of Las Anod whose residents has vowed to remain part of a united Somalia. In spite of Sool, Sanaag and Ayn suffering and Las Anod’s plea for recognition, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud kept silent.

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Hamda Baki Road

Awdal’s Development Disparities and the Quest for Independence

Borama, the capital of Awdal State, presents a poignant example of underdevelopment and inadequate infrastructure. While it has the potential to flourish as a center of commerce and progress, the lack of proper roads, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions has stymied its growth.

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October 14 Brigade

How the Jaale Siyaad Academy massacre was masterminded from Villa Somalia

Two weeks have passed since the suicide attack at the Jaale Siyaad Academy (JSA) which targeted soldiers of the October 14 Brigade relocated from Marka for training. The involvement of government officials linked to Al-Shabab, the silence of the president and the cover-up including the muzzling of the media are clues that the massacre was masterminded from Villa Somalia.

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General Odowaa

How General Odowa dismissal brings Somalia closer to a despotic rule

The recall of General Addow from retirement announces three things. First, a malleable faithful in the hands of Hassan Sheikh takes the reins of the army. Second, the army is concentrated in the hands of the president’s clan. Third, all forces coming under the federal government forces stationed in Gedo are firmly under the indirect control of Ahmed Madobe.

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Djibouti and IOG

How far Djibouti Came Since its Independence

The Republic of Djibouti celebrates its 46th years of independence from France on June 27th. For almost half a century, the country located in the Horn of Africa that General Charles de Gaulle once called the “confetti of the Empire” would be ruled by a single family.

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HSM at UNSC June 2023

How is the President’s Quest for the Lifting of the Arms Embargo Perceived in Somalia

Since the announcement of the President’s campaign for the lifting of these sanctions, which makes Somalia a country under quasi-UN occupation because of its submission to Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter, public opinion wonders if this government, whose policies pit Somalis against each other and the country is awash of illegal weapons, is able of handling a flood of weapons.

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