The Reason Behind the Erroneous Assumption that Somalis are Caucasian

As a young Somali high school student, I was once referred to as a “black Caucasian”. I had never heard that term before, so it puzzled me. That day, I was told that I didn’t possess the characteristics required to be a “real African,”. After that encounter, I began learning about what it meant to […]

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Somali Dervishes 1977

How Ethiopians’ abhorrent antics distort Somali history

Somalis were appalled that the African Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) allowed Ethiopian army in Baidoa to abuse the proud military history of our Somali National Army (SNA) by glorifying Soviet Union and its allies’ acts of aggression against Somalia in Karamardha as part of 1977-78 Western Somalia Liberation War. The abhorrent antics of Ethiopian […]

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Cafe de Paris

Victims Remember the Café de Paris Crackdown

Djibouti’s Gadabursi community and friends commemorates the fateful attack on the Café de Paris that occurred in Djibouti on September 27, 1990.

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Mass Grave in Awdal

Borama Massacre: The Right To Remember

Thirty-one years ago, to be precise on February 4, 1991, all hell broke loose on Awdal, the northern region of Somalia now claimed by Somaliland separatists. This is a date that any sensitive soul should remember. Within 12 hours, the SNM, a clannish rebel militia, fighting in theory against the central government, entered and mercilessly […]

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Somali Anti-Colonial Struggle and How July 1st Came To Be

This article summarizes Somali anti-colonial struggle and how July 1st came to be known as the National Day. The Somali people are among the nations of the world who have long struggled to find a way out of foreign colonialism and to achieve freedom, unity and modern nation-building in Somalia. July 1 is a national […]

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How Is June 26th So Significant Today

Every year Somalis celebrate June 26th as the birth of modern Somalia, of the Somali nation. People gather, chant, dance, wave the white-starred blue flag and go home. But what do we teach our children? What happened to achieve it? How did it happen? Who made it happen? How was the mood back then? What […]

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