Baraawe City

Barawe violence: Clan Expansionism or Blunder of Unruly Troops?

Over the past couple of weeks, outbreaks of violence and clan conflict have escalated across Somalia from north to south and erupted in areas hitherto spared from such violence in recent years. The violence in Barawe, the official capital of Southwest State, has exposed the critical flaws in federal leadership in the Lower Shabelle region. […]

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South West State

Political Crisis In South-West State And Looming War

Since Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (HSM) was elected president in May 2022, some leaders of the federal member states of Somalia rushed local parliaments into term extensions. The President of Jubaland State, Mr. Ahmed Madobe, extended his term for one year, followed by President Abdiaziz Laftagareen of South-West State (SWS) and President Ahmed Karie Qoorqoor of […]

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Laftagareen March

Abdi-Aziz Laftagareen: Loyalty, Integrity And Patriotism

Kormeeraha Team has picked Abdi-Aziz Hassan Mohamed Laftagareen, Somalia’s Southwest State president, as the most outstanding Somali leader for the month of March. Last month, President Laftagareen was the first president of a regional state to finish Somalia’s elections on time. He did it without requesting special accommodation or delays. Southwest’s members of parliament election […]

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