Day: 24 March 2021

Reasons For Janan Defection

Today all of Somalia was jubilant after one less thorn was stripped from the government’s side. The government used the force of persuasion to bring back into its fold a strong opponent who endangered the country as long as it played in Kenya’s hands. One wonders, however, why Abdirashid Janan has defected and why now, […]

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Abdirashid Janan Welcomed As A Hero In Beled-Hawo

Somalia’s Deputy Minister of Information, Abdirahman Yusuf Omar, has said that the Somali government has reached an agreement with Minister Abdirashid Hassan Abdinur Janan, after a delegation from the Somali government arrived in Gedo region today. “Minister Abdirashid Janan, a key figure in the peace process in the Gedo region, has reached an agreement with […]

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