Askar iyo Bajaj

Why Mogadishu is Grappling with Out-of-Control Violence

Mogadishu, the Somali capital, with a population of 4.5 million, is plagued by out-of-control violence that is going crescendo. Unlike what most people believe, violence is no longer the preserve of the usual suspects: Al-Shabab insurgents. In fact, extremists compete with youth gangs and government forces. Day and night there are assassinations, suicide bombings, police […]

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Foreigners And Somalis Prosecuted For Espionage

The Benadir regional court has issued a statement summoning six suspects, mostly foreigners, on suspicion of spying and disseminating information on national security. In this affair, four foreigners and two Somali citizens Prosecuted For Espionage. The defendants are: 1 – Matt Bryden 2 – Kheyre Abdirahman Rage 3 – Rashid Abdi 4 – Emmanuel Deisser […]

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Benadir Region Imposed Drastic Rules To Contain Covid-19 Spread

Banadir Regional Administration has issued fines to people who do not use face masks to prevent COVID-19 Infection. An extraordinary meeting of the Banadir Regional Administration chaired by the Governor of Banadir Region and Mayor of Mogadishu Mr. Omar Mohamud Mohamed Filish discussed the latest developments about COVID-19 and the progress of the awareness campaign […]

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