Las Anod

HSM Las Anod

Why President Hassan Sheikh shuns Las Anod’s plea for recognition

For eight months, the breakaway northern Somali region, also called Somaliland, has been shelling on daily basis the city of Las Anod whose residents has vowed to remain part of a united Somalia. In spite of Sool, Sanaag and Ayn suffering and Las Anod’s plea for recognition, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud kept silent.

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Controversy around the Presidential Envoy on Somaliland

Saturday’s presidential appointment of Abdirashi Guled as special envoy for Somaliland relations sparked an outcry among the Somali public who sees it as poor leadership and gross injustice towards the victims of Hargeisa’s secessionists in the Sool region. Hiring an old friend Abdirashid Guled is considered to be close to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud. He […]

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Las Anod Protest

Why Somaliland’s Attempt to Subdue Las Anod is Doomed

The war to control Las Anod is in its eighth day and despite public outcry and international condemnation over the atrocities committed, is not about to end. Somaliland’s stubbornness to subdue the Sool, Sanaag and Cayn region despite the locals’ rejection of secession is hard to understand given the lessons from our history. The Somali […]

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Las Anod being shelled by the SNM

Las Anod: Under a Rain of Bullets and Shells

Since Monday, the day when the public consultation conference chaired by the local Garaads, traditional chiefs, was preparing to make public their agreement on the Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) region self-rule, the city of Las Anod has been subjected to a rain of bullets and shells. The shelling of Las Anod and surrounding fighting […]

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