Month: January 2022

The Beautiful People of Mogadishu

In September 2021, my mother and I got the opportunity to visit Mogadishu, the White Pearl of the Indian Ocean. It was my first visit to Somalia’s capital city since I was born and raised abroad. But my mother was no stranger to the city of hope. Her first trip was in the 1970s, and […]

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Fahad Yasin NISA

Fahad Yasin: If You Do Well, Good Is Expected

Former National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) director general and current National Security Advisor to the President, Fahad Yasin, published an article a week ago discussing his time with the national intelligence service. This English translation of his article originally written in Somali is in fact an overview of his work in restructuring the NISA […]

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The Week Observer

Week Observer: January 16 – January 23

Federal Elections Jan 16 Only one and two days after the date when the new electoral calendar comes into effect, January 15, almost all regional states have published a partial list of candidates for parliamentary elections. For the first time, the foot-dragging Puntland and Jubaland issued the schedule of their partial lists. Everything is being […]

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Khatumo State

No Somaliland Recognition Without Sool And Sanaag On Board

A recent remark by a British lawmaker promoting Somalia’s breakaway region of Somaliland has been sharply criticized by Somali Planning Minister Gamal Hassan. The minister, from the Sanaag region claimed by Somaliland, blasted the MP’s “complete ignorance of the situation on the ground”. The minister’s comment came at a time when British government and other […]

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Abukar Osman Bale Personality of December

Abukar Osman Baale: Outstanding Personality of December

Kormeeraha team settled on Abukar Dahir Osman “Baale”, Somalia’s Ambassador at the United Nations,  as our personality of the month of December for his outstanding work. Mr. Baale is at the forefront of fighting for Somalia’s sovereignty at a time when the country is bound by numerous UN resolutions passed under the infamous Chapter 7 […]

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Week Observer

Week Observer: January 7 – January 15

Elections 2021 Jan 15 The Federal Election Implementation Team (FEIT) elected Mr. Muse Gelle Yusuf as its new Chairman following a secret ballot eclipsed by political pressure and vote buying. Gelle, the former Puntland’s Bari region governor, was supported by Said Abdullahi Deni and Prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble. He is expected to sway FEIT decisions […]

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Drought Kids queuing for water

Somalis Expect Leadership As Drought Hits Hard

Somali regions from north to south and east to west are struggling with severe drought characterized by lack of rain, low rivers and declining pastures. So far, the disaster has displaced up to 200,000 Somalis seeking humanitarian assistance in other areas. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), has estimated […]

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PM Roble and 30-30

PM Roble’s Offensive on State Security

Since Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble came under investigation for his involvement in the diversion of land belonging to the Somali National Army (SNA), he has gone on the offensive and stepped up attempts to undermine the security of the state. On January 1, Abdullahi Mohamed Nur, the Minister of Internal Security, ordered NISA agents […]

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