Month: May 2023

Arday girl

Arday: A Cultural Revolution Unveiled in Somali TV Series

In the embryonic but promising realm of the Somali film industry, a TV series called “Arday”, which means “student” in Somali, has risen as an innovative and boundary-breaking phenomenon that has captivated online audiences. Despite its groundbreaking nature, this remarkable show has not been exempt from both praise and criticism. This article aims to explore […]

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Deni Olole

Political Feud over Puntland Leadership, between Collision and Collusion

The political feud between President Hassan Mohamoud and Said Deni escalated on May 8 when Prime Minister Hamse Abdi Barre of the federal government attacked Deni’s leadership of Puntland. The feud, however, has raised many eyebrows and even left some wary of the real purpose of this conflict. Prime Minister Barre accused Deni of obstructing […]

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Borama Protest1

Why and How Awdal Uprising Started

A massive public uprising in Borama, Awdal, started at 8:00 in the morning today. Shortly after, it spread out to different districts and towns in Awdal Region. So far, the protests have taken place in Borama, Dilla, Garbadadar, Lowyada and Boon, which makes it the biggest uprising in Awdal recently. Also, this is the second […]

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The Reason Behind the Erroneous Assumption that Somalis are Caucasian

As a young Somali high school student, I was once referred to as a “black Caucasian”. I had never heard that term before, so it puzzled me. That day, I was told that I didn’t possess the characteristics required to be a “real African,”. After that encounter, I began learning about what it meant to […]

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