Year: 2023

PM Hamze Barre

US, UAE pressure Somali president to sack PM for calling Israel a terrorist organization

After weeks of no official statement and a president unwilling to address the great anguish felt by the Somali nation over the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza, Prime Minister Hamze Abdi Barre lashed out at Israel, calling it a terrorist organization while backing Hamas in its liberation struggle. In a conference held in Mogadishu earlier […]

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Abiy Ahmed

How Abiy’s Red Sea speech aims to reshape the Horn of Africa

PM Abiy Ahmed described Ethiopia’s access to the Red Sea as “inalienable rights” based on the historical, geographic, human and economic interconnectedness of the entire region. He also presented different scenarios to get a port for his country to thwart an upcoming Ethiopian population explosion that would threaten peace in the region.

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Marwo Abdi Bashir

President pressures Somali national to withdraw from race for IPU presidency

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s efforts to force a Somali national to withdraw from an international body election race in favor of a Tanzanian national once again highlight the level of corruption Somalia is dipped in under his tenure.

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Thank you Farmajo

Farmajo denounced government’s plan to tamper with the constitution

Former President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, now in self-imposed exile in Turkey, made a rare entrance into Somalia’s federal politics to warn the nation about government’s plan to tamper with the constitution without any oversight. In his press release published on X (twitter) and Facebook, Farmajo denounced the actions of the current government aimed at unilaterally […]

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Al-Ahli Hospital

Israel deliberately bombs Al-Ahli Hospital, kills more than 500 civilians

500 Palestinian civilians were martyred and hundreds other were wounded following an air strike by Israel Defense Forces targeting the Anglican-run Al-Ahli Hospital on Tuesday evening, in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood in the center of Gaza. Medical staff, hundreds of patients previously injured in the 11 days Israeli terror campaign and civilians who took refuge there […]

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Awdal MPs

What reopening Somaliland constitution means for Awdal

Last week, to everyone’s surprise, parliamentarians representing Awdal succeeded for the first time in getting their bill to reopen the Somaliland constitution approved by the breakaway Somali region’s House of Representatives. Awdal which is one of the 5 of the regions recognized by Somaliland constitution has long complained of being left behind in program funding, […]

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Qoorqoor in Fatigue

Qoorqoor now tops Al-Shabab’s hit list

The government’s war against Al-Shabab is escalating and causing casualties on both sides. Government forces and Ma’awisley militias have made significant progress, with Al-Shabab leaders either eliminated or surrendering in some areas. Besides fighting back with all they got, the ragtag violent organization has increased its suicide attacks against Somali personalities on its hit list. […]

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Saad Ali Shire

Somaliland economy is in decline

Somaliland’s Ministry of Finance said business in the breakaway Somali region has declined, which has affected Somaliland’s economy.

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New Generals

Somali president partially reshuffles army leadership

In response to criticism on his war strategy against Al-Shabab, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, facing countless setbacks, made changes to the army leadership. Brigadier General Madey Nurey Sheikh Ufurow was appointed deputy commander of the armed forces. General Madey served as Admiral of the Somali Maritime Forces during Hassan’s previous term. He is from the […]

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Children among victims of suspected US drone strike

US drone strike killed civilians, a grandmother and 5 of her grandchildren, according to Garowe Online. The incident happened in El-Garas town, close to El-Lahelay, in Galgadud region, last Wednesday. Eyewitnesses said an airstrike from a drone targeted three Al-Shabab fighters traveling on a vehicle. The US African Command acknowledged being aware of civilian casualties […]

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