Author: Ahmed Said

Ahmed is a Somali civil servant and writes a lot about the affairs of northern Somalia where he hails from.


Somali government empowered secessionist leader

After two days meeting in Djibouti, from December 28 and 29, an agreement to restart talk on Somaliland secession between the federal government of Somalia and the secessionist region have set in motion a crisis in the Horn of Africa. This meeting, held at the behest of the British ambassador to Somalia, was hosted by […]

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Awdal MPs

What reopening Somaliland constitution means for Awdal

Last week, to everyone’s surprise, parliamentarians representing Awdal succeeded for the first time in getting their bill to reopen the Somaliland constitution approved by the breakaway Somali region’s House of Representatives. Awdal which is one of the 5 of the regions recognized by Somaliland constitution has long complained of being left behind in program funding, […]

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Saad Ali Shire

Somaliland economy is in decline

Somaliland’s Ministry of Finance said business in the breakaway Somali region has declined, which has affected Somaliland’s economy.

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Gacan-Libaax Militia

The Lion’s Paw Rebellion fighting to remove Musa Bihi

Entrenched for more than three weeks in the Gacan-Libaax (Lion’s Paw) mountains, Garhajis clansmen, mostly young people, tired of Somaliland President’s shenanigans to postpone and tamper with the local elections, went on the offensive this week. The slap Somaliland forces received from the Gacan-Libaax Rebellion forced President Musa Bihi to back down and pause. Who […]

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Elmi Nur

The Ugly Truth Behind the Dismissal of the Finance Minister

The abrupt dismissal of Somalia’s Finance Minister Dr. Elmi Mohamed Nur one day after being pressured to reinstate two subordinates closely linked to the President has sent shock waves through the federal administration. The two senior officials were suspended by the minister two days before his own dismissal. On July 6, through a circular shared […]

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Biixi iyo Taani

Should Somaliland be saved from Musa Bihi?

Since Musa Bihi Abdi was elected as the head of the breakaway “Republic of Somaliland” based in the northern Somali city of Hargeisa, he has worked to extend his term. This project was opposed by the civil society and the two official opposition parties of the same clan. After two years of political chaos over […]

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Borama Awdal

Awdal to Break Free from Somaliland

Now that Las Anod regained its freedom, all eyes are on Awdal to break free from Somaliland oppressive choke-hold. The general jubilation and the unity of the Sol population and the beautiful display of thousands of Somali flags leave regions still under the secessionists occupation in awe. The political earthquake whose epicenter is Las Anod, […]

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Mass Grave in Awdal

Borama Massacre: The Right To Remember

Thirty-one years ago, to be precise on February 4, 1991, all hell broke loose on Awdal, the northern region of Somalia now claimed by Somaliland separatists. This is a date that any sensitive soul should remember. Within 12 hours, the SNM, a clannish rebel militia, fighting in theory against the central government, entered and mercilessly […]

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Waddani Party

Abdirahman Irro Transferred Waddani Party Control

Waddani party chairman Abdirahman Irro officially handed over control of the party to Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan who was elected at the 2nd Congress on November 15-16, 2021. Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi Irro, welcomed this morning the newly elected chairman of the Somaliland National Party, better known as Waddani, in his office based in Hargeisa. […]

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Oldon’s Cry For Freedom

Two weeks ago Abdimalik Muse Oldon, a reporter, was thrown in prison by Somaliland police after expressing concern about Christian missions in the education sector. Since then, the Oldon’s cry for freedom and transparency has been politicized and surrounded by opposing narratives that have revealed deeper issues. Oldon exposed Abaarso Tech hiring practices and in […]

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