Month: August 2021

How Farmajo Failed The Nation

In the following paragraphs, we are examining recent Somali elections history to explain how Somalia has failed to hold free, fair and peaceful elections under President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s watch. The role the president played in this failure and how his political gullibility helped his rivals achieve their agendas is well documented. First of all, […]

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How Deal On The Elections Was A Hijack

The outcome of the delayed National Consultative Council (NCC) meeting on the federal elections held for two days in Mogadishu from August 21 to 22 has created a storm of discontent as it breached all previous electoral agreements. The parody of senators elections This meeting was held as a follow up to the recent sham […]

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Golweyn Massacre Victims Demand Justice

A demonstration against the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) forces responsible for the Golweyn massacre in the Lower Shabelle region took place today in Mogadishu. The largest number of protesters against AMISOM’s presence gathered in Daljirka Dahsoon Square in the Somali capital. The protest was led by relatives of civilians killed by AMISOM forces […]

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Has PM Roble Flipped To Opposition?

The publication of two communiques in recent days has stirred the anti-Somali opposition in Somalia and raised questions as about if Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble flipped to opposition. On August 7, President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo issued a decree in which he prohibits all state institutions from signing, during this sensitive election period, agreements. He […]

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Hanifa Habsade

Hanifa Habsade : Somalia’s Fearless Women Rights Activist

This month, the Kormeeraha Magazine Team settled on Hanifa Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade as the Somali Personality of the month of July. Ms. Hanifa, the Minister for Women and Human Rights, is visible in all forums speaking on behalf of women, children, the disabled and other marginalized sectors of society. These sectors, deprived of rights but […]

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Somali army column

Somali Armed Forces Succeeded Where AMISOM Failed

“The armed forces of the Federal Republic of Somalia have the mandate to guarantee the sovereignty and independence of the country and to defend its territorial integrity” – Somali Constitution, Ch.14 (3) The Commander of the Somali National Army (SNA), General Mohamed Tahlil Bihi, at a press conference yesterday on the outskirts of Qey’ad in […]

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