Month: October 2021

Puntland Local Elections

Puntland Local Elections : A Victory For The People

Puntland’s local elections, held on October 25, were welcomed by the Somali public and the international community as an unprecedented democratic achievement. The region has set an example of order, equality and electoral transparency for other parts of Somalia which are still reluctant to take the step towards a participatory electoral system. The democratic local […]

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ASWJ Militia

Is Ahlu-Sunna A Terror Organization?

Since October 1st, Ahlu-Sunna-Wa-Jama’a (ASWJ) Militia, an extremist politico-religious group disbanded early last year, took over the town of Gurie-El and the surrounding region in Galmudug. ASWJ leaders arrived a month ago in the region to seemingly join a religious gathering after a year and a half of exile abroad. Galmudug state forces assisted by […]

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The Gravedigger's Wife

What The Gravedigger’s Wife Win Means For Somali Film Future

The Gravedigger’s Wife won the grand prize at the prestigious Pan-African Film Festival, FESPACO, in Burkina Faso. The 27th FESPACO edition, delayed this year because of the pandemic, celebrates every two years films produced largely in Africa by Africans. The Gravedigger’s Wife, written and directed by Khadar Ahmed, a Finno-Somali, was awarded the FESPACO Gold […]

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ICJ Verdict

ICJ Decision: A Victory At Great Cost

The long-awaited decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the case of the maritime dispute between Kenya and Somalia was handed down last week, largely proving Somalia right. It has been seven long years and Kenya’s repeated assaults on Somalia sovereignty have not swayed the Somali nation’s resolve not to be easily bullied. […]

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Maritime case at the ICJ

Somalia’s Reliance On The ICJ Decision Won’t Stop Kenya

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is expected to deliver a ruling on the Kenya-Somalia maritime dispute today and the entire Somali nation will be listening to the ruling that many anticipate to be in Somalia’s favor. But is the reliance on the ICJ’s decision sufficient to deter Kenya from infringing on Somali territory? For […]

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Beyle’s Farewell Address

Early this month, the Somali Minister of Finances, Dr. Abdirahman Duale Beyle, met the media to update the public on Somalia’s economic situation, in a speech that sounded like a farewell message. Over the past four years, the Minister has regularly briefed the public on the state of the national economy and openly responded to […]

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Fahad Yasin

Fahad Yasin Dahir: September Somali Personality

Kormeeraha Magazine team picked Fahad Yasin Dahir, the ex-NISA director and current security advisor for the president as the personality of the month of September. Fahad Yasin is the man who reformed the National Security and Intelligence Agency (NISA). He made NISA a centerpiece of Somalia’s internal security, independent of politicians and free from foreign […]

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Kenyan Airstrike on Gedo

Kenyan Bombs Rain On Gedo

A week ago, Kenyan Air Force indiscriminately bombed rural areas and towns in Gedo’s El-Waq district, a border region between Kenya and Somalia. The air campaign caused death among civilians, destruction of properties and communication infrastructure, and displaced thousands of residents. Terror under the Kenyan bombs Kenya had already undertaken similar airstrike but this one was particularly […]

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