Month: September 2023

Saad Ali Shire

Somaliland economy is in decline

Somaliland’s Ministry of Finance said business in the breakaway Somali region has declined, which has affected Somaliland’s economy.

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New Generals

Somali president partially reshuffles army leadership

In response to criticism on his war strategy against Al-Shabab, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, facing countless setbacks, made changes to the army leadership. Brigadier General Madey Nurey Sheikh Ufurow was appointed deputy commander of the armed forces. General Madey served as Admiral of the Somali Maritime Forces during Hassan’s previous term. He is from the […]

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Children among victims of suspected US drone strike

US drone strike killed civilians, a grandmother and 5 of her grandchildren, according to Garowe Online. The incident happened in El-Garas town, close to El-Lahelay, in Galgadud region, last Wednesday. Eyewitnesses said an airstrike from a drone targeted three Al-Shabab fighters traveling on a vehicle. The US African Command acknowledged being aware of civilian casualties […]

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Djibouti Global Hub

Djibouti: A Gateway to Three Continents – Africa, Asia, and Europe

Situated strategically at the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe, Djibouti has emerged as a vital gateway connecting these three continents. This small but significant country, located in the Horn of Africa, offers a unique combination of geographical advantages, economic opportunities, and political stability.

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