Author: Mohamed Ali Jama


Somali President Assaulted in Abu Dhabi

Ever since Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mahamoud appeared on video with obvious signs of assault on his face, stories have been rife. The video released by the Villa Somalia presidential palace was an attempt to dispel concerns over the president’s isolation since returning from the United Arab Emirates on June 24. What has fueled more […]

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Lido Beach Attack

The Truth Behind The Lido Beach Restaurant Attack

The explosion two days ago at Mogadishu’s restaurant on Lido Beach is believed to be the work of a sophisticated network attempting to destabilize Somalia in order to secure an electoral win for the opposition. At the time of the blast, ten lawmakers and other dignitaries from Khatumo state of Somalia were having iftar with […]

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Canadian forces abuses

Canadian Forces Abuses In Somalia, 29 Years Later

29 years ago, Canadian soldiers sent to Somalia as part of the global humanitarian effort captured a 16 year-old child named Shidane Abukar Arone and tortured him to death in their camp. On March 16, 1993, Shidane Arone was captured while looking for a lost child in proximity of the Canadian base in Beledweyne. He […]

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Khatumo State

No Somaliland Recognition Without Sool And Sanaag On Board

A recent remark by a British lawmaker promoting Somalia’s breakaway region of Somaliland has been sharply criticized by Somali Planning Minister Gamal Hassan. The minister, from the Sanaag region claimed by Somaliland, blasted the MP’s “complete ignorance of the situation on the ground”. The minister’s comment came at a time when British government and other […]

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General Abdihamid Dirir

PM Roble Splashed By Revelation Of Land Grab

Somali Navy Commander General Abdihamid Mohamed Dirir accused Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble of looting naval land and building a house there. The revelation of the land grab was received like a bomb in the circle close to the Prime Minister who rush to exonerate him. He said it was “unfortunate and disappointing” that naval […]

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ICJ Verdict

ICJ Decision: A Victory At Great Cost

The long-awaited decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the case of the maritime dispute between Kenya and Somalia was handed down last week, largely proving Somalia right. It has been seven long years and Kenya’s repeated assaults on Somalia sovereignty have not swayed the Somali nation’s resolve not to be easily bullied. […]

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