Author: Omar Salad

Omar is an IT specialist based in Mogadishu.

Thank you Farmajo

The Somali Nation Rewards Outgoing President

President Farmajo’s integrity is an oddity in a country plagued by endemic corruption

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NISA under Mahad Salad

New NISA Chief Stormed Fahad Yasin’s Residence

The new director of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), Mahad Salad, stormed Fahad Yasin’s residence, grabbed any valuables he could find there, then ransacked the place while the former spymaster was on a trip. This incident happened yesterday. Fahad Yassin’s bodyguards, NISA agents themselves, had in their possession two armored vehicles. The vehicles […]

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Avisioni tent

Public Anxiety As Somalia Awaits Presidential Election

There is one day left until the May 15 presidential election and anxiety is mounting with uncertainty over who will be Somalia’s next president. The indirect election, which has dragged on for a year and a half, has created unease throughout the country, especially since the people have no control over the process. A dozen […]

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Newly elected MPs

Somalia Elects Parliament Speakers Amid Controversy

Following a tumultuous week, the two chambers of the 11th Somali parliament, whose members were sworn in on April 14, finally elected their speakers and deputy speakers. The process is nonetheless marred by endless controversy. On the eve of the April 26 election, a controversy erupted after the House of the People interim speaker Abdisalam […]

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Laftagareen March

Abdi-Aziz Laftagareen: Loyalty, Integrity And Patriotism

Kormeeraha Team has picked Abdi-Aziz Hassan Mohamed Laftagareen, Somalia’s Southwest State president, as the most outstanding Somali leader for the month of March. Last month, President Laftagareen was the first president of a regional state to finish Somalia’s elections on time. He did it without requesting special accommodation or delays. Southwest’s members of parliament election […]

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Gamal Reelection

Gamal’s Uphill Battle For Re-election

After weeks of an uphill battle, Gamal Hassan, the Somali Minister of Planning, saw his candidacy to represent his clan in the Federal Parliament blocked. The controversial announcement made yesterday by the Puntland Electoral Commission put an end to his re-election bid. Puntland’s State Election Implementation Team (SEIT) has published the much expected list of […]

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How The Looming Deadline Reveals The Ugly Truth Of The Indirect Election

There are two days left to conclude Somalia’s parliamentary election as the February 25 agreed deadline approaches. With 70% of the 275 seats filled, politicians are resorting to dirty tricks to get their allies elected. Interestingly, the looming deadline revealed the ugly truth about the indirect election. For the past few days, things have been […]

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PM Roble and 30-30

PM Roble’s Offensive on State Security

Since Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble came under investigation for his involvement in the diversion of land belonging to the Somali National Army (SNA), he has gone on the offensive and stepped up attempts to undermine the security of the state. On January 1, Abdullahi Mohamed Nur, the Minister of Internal Security, ordered NISA agents […]

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PM Roble and the opposition

Will Roble Give In To Opposition Demand To Halt Elections?

Following the hubbub from an opposition group on the conduct of the federal elections and foreign diplomats supporting these latest grievances, Prime Minister Mohamed Roble is seeking support to respond to the opposition demand to halt the elections. The dozen “potential” presidential candidates, united under the Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) headquartered at the Jazeera […]

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PSF in Bosaso

Puntland Political Crisis Threatens Peace In Bosaso

Tension remains high in Bosaso as the Puntland Security Forces (PSF) and forces loyal to Said Deni, the president of Puntland, face each other following the dismissal by decree of the PSF commander. Said Deni tried last week to remove the PSF director Mahamud Osman Diyano and his officers. Deni has so far failed to […]

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