Author: Omar Salad

Omar is an IT specialist based in Mogadishu.

New Generals

Somali president partially reshuffles army leadership

In response to criticism on his war strategy against Al-Shabab, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, facing countless setbacks, made changes to the army leadership. Brigadier General Madey Nurey Sheikh Ufurow was appointed deputy commander of the armed forces. General Madey served as Admiral of the Somali Maritime Forces during Hassan’s previous term. He is from the […]

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HSM at UNSC June 2023

How is the President’s Quest for the Lifting of the Arms Embargo Perceived in Somalia

Since the announcement of the President’s campaign for the lifting of these sanctions, which makes Somalia a country under quasi-UN occupation because of its submission to Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter, public opinion wonders if this government, whose policies pit Somalis against each other and the country is awash of illegal weapons, is able of handling a flood of weapons.

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Deni Olole

Political Feud over Puntland Leadership, between Collision and Collusion

The political feud between President Hassan Mohamoud and Said Deni escalated on May 8 when Prime Minister Hamse Abdi Barre of the federal government attacked Deni’s leadership of Puntland. The feud, however, has raised many eyebrows and even left some wary of the real purpose of this conflict. Prime Minister Barre accused Deni of obstructing […]

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Controversy around the Presidential Envoy on Somaliland Issue

Saturday’s presidential appointment of Abdirashi Guled as special envoy for Somaliland relations sparked an outcry among the Somali public who sees it as poor leadership and gross injustice towards the victims of Hargeisa’s secessionists in the Sool region. Hiring an old friend Abdirashid Guled is considered to be close to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud. He […]

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Las Anod being shelled by the SNM

Las Anod: Under a Rain of Bullets and Shells

Since Monday, the day when the public consultation conference chaired by the local Garaads, traditional chiefs, was preparing to make public their agreement on the Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) region self-rule, the city of Las Anod has been subjected to a rain of bullets and shells. The shelling of Las Anod and surrounding fighting […]

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The assassination of Farhan Qarole

Farhan Qarole: The Tragic Loss of a Hero

General Farhan was mostly on the front line whether leading a fight against terrorists and other criminal organizations or working with the people and his superior to improve the national security. He was one the rare officials who did not spend his time meeting foreign diplomats in Halane.

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Could Dispute between Federal and Regional Leaders Derail Debt Relief?

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s first four months at the helm of Somalia have been marred by conflicts on his own making. The latest conflict with regional states had been simmering for some time and erupted late last month. A concerted message came on August 31 from regional state governments, particularly their finance ministries, stating that […]

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M. Robow

Why a Terror Leader is Appointed Minister in Somalia

The long-awaited cabinet’s announcement last week, since the selection of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud last May, left the Somali public reeling, but was greeted by representatives of Western nations in Somalia. Mukhtar Robow, former Al-Shabab deputy leader and spokesman who has been detained for the last four years, has been appointed Somalia’s Endowments and Religious […]

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Somali trained in Eritrea

Controversy over Somali Soldiers Stranded in Eritrea Unlikely to Fade with A Visit

Villa Somalia has seen no respite since, against all odds, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud took a trip to Eritrea on July 10 to visit Somali soldiers in training there and, in the process, signed bilateral agreements with his Eritrean counterpart. The Somali President was welcomed by President Isaias Afeworki with great pomp and with […]

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Thank you Farmajo

The Somali Nation Rewards Outgoing President

President Farmajo’s integrity is an oddity in a country plagued by endemic corruption

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