Month: August 2023


The Fall of Gooja’adde and the Victory of SSC-Khatumo Forces

August 25 will go down in the annals of Somali history as the day the forces of the division funded by the former colonial power were defeated. The Las Anod defense forces finally stormed the stronghold of Goojacadde sheltering the secessionist forces of Somaliland who bombarded the besieged town on a daily basis for 8 months.

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HSM Las Anod

Why President Hassan Sheikh shuns Las Anod’s plea for recognition

For eight months, the breakaway northern Somali region, also called Somaliland, has been shelling on daily basis the city of Las Anod whose residents has vowed to remain part of a united Somalia. In spite of Sool, Sanaag and Ayn suffering and Las Anod’s plea for recognition, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud kept silent.

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Gacan-Libaax Militia

The Lion’s Paw Rebellion fighting to remove Musa Bihi

Entrenched for more than three weeks in the Gacan-Libaax (Lion’s Paw) mountains, Garhajis clansmen, mostly young people, tired of Somaliland President’s shenanigans to postpone and tamper with the local elections, went on the offensive this week. The slap Somaliland forces received from the Gacan-Libaax Rebellion forced President Musa Bihi to back down and pause. Who […]

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Gabiley National Library

Gabiley National Library: A Beacon of Knowledge and Cultural Preservation

In the heart of Somaliland stands the Gabiley National Library, an esteemed institution dedicated to preserving knowledge, promoting education, and fostering cultural heritage. Since its establishment, the library has played a vital role in providing access to information, supporting research, and nurturing intellectual growth. This essay delves into the rich history, architectural significance, educational contributions, […]

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Hamda Baki Road

Awdal’s Development Disparities and the Quest for Independence

Borama, the capital of Awdal State, presents a poignant example of underdevelopment and inadequate infrastructure. While it has the potential to flourish as a center of commerce and progress, the lack of proper roads, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions has stymied its growth.

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October 14 Brigade

How the Jaale Siyaad Academy massacre was masterminded from Villa Somalia

Two weeks have passed since the suicide attack at the Jaale Siyaad Academy (JSA) which targeted soldiers of the October 14 Brigade relocated from Marka for training. The involvement of government officials linked to Al-Shabab, the silence of the president and the cover-up including the muzzling of the media are clues that the massacre was masterminded from Villa Somalia.

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