Khadija Diriye

Somalia mourns loss of Minister Khadija Diriye

The Somali nation mourns the unexpected loss of Khadija Mohamed Diriye, Somali Minister for Women and Human Rights Development, yesterday in Djibouti, at the age of 74. Ms. Diriye was born, raised and educated in Somalia. She was a colorful politician with a strong personality. She was respected by her male counterparts, even in a […]

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Marwo Abdi Bashir

President pressures Somali national to withdraw from race for IPU presidency

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s efforts to force a Somali national to withdraw from an international body election race in favor of a Tanzanian national once again highlight the level of corruption Somalia is dipped in under his tenure.

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Children among victims of suspected US drone strike

US drone strike killed civilians, a grandmother and 5 of her grandchildren, according to Garowe Online. The incident happened in El-Garas town, close to El-Lahelay, in Galgadud region, last Wednesday. Eyewitnesses said an airstrike from a drone targeted three Al-Shabab fighters traveling on a vehicle. The US African Command acknowledged being aware of civilian casualties […]

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Shady deals

When Shady Oil Deals Collide With Integrity

A day ago, Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, sent shockwaves through Somalia by tweeting that he had signed seven Production Sharing Agreements (PSA) with Coastline Exploration Limited. This shady company, formerly known as Soma Oil and Gas, had coveted Somali oil for years and even conspired with Hassan Khaire, the disgraced […]

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The Hirshabelle Imbroglio

Since Ali Gudlawe’s presidential election, Hirshabelle regional state has been plagued by internal political struggles that threaten the federal electoral process. On july 3rd, Hirshabelle cabinet ministers led by the Vice-president Yusuf Ahmed Hagar (Yusuf Dabageed) arrived in Beledweyn, Hiran region, to hold a cabinet meeting for the first time since November 2020. On the […]

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Deggan Mirash: The Reincarnation Of Hawo Tako

In these troubled times in Somali history, few can withstand the recurring abuse than Deggan Mirash, a young mother of four, who is Somaliland’s longest-serving flag martyr. She has suffered greatly from massive abuse of power due to repeated, long and unlawful detentions and harassment at the hand of the Hargeisa-based administration. Deggan is currently […]

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The Flag Martyrs Of Somaliland

Once again, Somaliland grabbed the headlines by cracking down on young people flying the Somali flag. Young people, girls and boys, who were celebrating the country’s independence on June 26 outside the city of Borama were seized by police and then were taken to Hargeisa, Gabiley and Mandera Prison, near Berbera. Their video of their […]

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Colonel Saney Abdulle Injured In A Suicide Attack

Six days ago, Al-Shabab suicide bomber has attacked a Somali National Army (SNA) base detonating his explosive-laden car killing ten soldiers and injuring several others, including Colonel Saney Abdulle. The troops stationed in that base, located in the town of Biyo-Adde in the Middle Shabelle region, were under the command of the 27th Somali Military […]

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Al-Shabab Attack On Army Bases

Al-Shabab militants have claimed responsibility for a series of bombings on army bases in the Lower Shabelle region in southern Somalia. The attack took place yesterday in the early in the morning in Barire and Awdheegle districts of Lower Shabelle region. General Odawa, the Chief-of-Staff of the Somali National Army, said that Al-Shabab tried to […]

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