Farmajo Twitter

Farmajo Supporters React to Congratulatory Message to Ruto

A congratulatory tweet that former president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo sent to Kenay’s president-elect William Ruto has garnered close 20,000 likes within a couple of hours. The immensely popular president has recently reached 1 millions followers on Facebook and his popularity is growing day after day on other social media platform. Mr. Farmajo reacted early to […]

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ICJ Verdict

ICJ Decision: A Victory At Great Cost

The long-awaited decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the case of the maritime dispute between Kenya and Somalia was handed down last week, largely proving Somalia right. It has been seven long years and Kenya’s repeated assaults on Somalia sovereignty have not swayed the Somali nation’s resolve not to be easily bullied. […]

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Maritime case at the ICJ

Somalia’s Reliance On The ICJ Decision Won’t Stop Kenya

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is expected to deliver a ruling on the Kenya-Somalia maritime dispute today and the entire Somali nation will be listening to the ruling that many anticipate to be in Somalia’s favor. But is the reliance on the ICJ’s decision sufficient to deter Kenya from infringing on Somali territory? For […]

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Kenyan Airstrike on Gedo

Kenyan Bombs Rain On Gedo

A week ago, Kenyan Air Force indiscriminately bombed rural areas and towns in Gedo’s El-Waq district, a border region between Kenya and Somalia. The air campaign caused death among civilians, destruction of properties and communication infrastructure, and displaced thousands of residents. Terror under the Kenyan bombs Kenya had already undertaken similar airstrike but this one was particularly […]

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Has PM Roble Flipped To Opposition?

The publication of two communiques in recent days has stirred the anti-Somali opposition in Somalia and raised questions as about if Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble flipped to opposition. On August 7, President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo issued a decree in which he prohibits all state institutions from signing, during this sensitive election period, agreements. He […]

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Gedo Kenyan Airstrike

Kenyan Airstrike Kills Mother & Child, Injures Many In Gedo

This week, Somalia has experienced a new round of violence perpetrated by its worst enemies: Al-Shabab and Kenya. As Al-Shabab is dismembered and losing ground, Kenyan troops is vying to replace them. On June 3, Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) planes raided the towns of El-Adde and Hisa-u-gur in the Gedo region. The airstrike killed a […]

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Mohamed Abdirizak

Foreign Affairs Minister On Somalia’s Relations With Its Neighbors

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Abdirizak Mohamud gave an in-depth interview to the SNTV, state media, on elections, regional issues, the Somali-Kenyan conflict, deteriorating relations between Somalia and Djibouti and other issues. Elections: First of all, the Minister of Elections said that everything that has happened has now […]

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Kenya Allows Flights To Hargeisa

The Kenyan government allows two planes to leave Kenya and deliver electronic equipment to Hargeisa, Somaliland, although it has unilaterally banned flights to and from Somalia just few days ago. The planes, authorized yesterday by the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will allow two aircraft operated by Astral Aviation to carry a cargo from Jomo […]

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Somalia Pressured To Mend Fences With Kenya

Somalia has resumed diplomatic relations with Kenya with which it severed all ties in December 2020 following a series of destabilizing activities. This rapprochement was facilitated by the Qatari emissary, Mutlaq Al-Qahtani, who visited the region recently and met with leaders from both nations. The two neighboring countries had stormy relations since 2009 when Kenya […]

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Somali Sea claimed by Kenya

How Kenya’s Claim To Somalia’s Sea Could Backfire

On Sunday, Kenyan media reported about the withdrawal from the Maritime case now in front of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). However, Kenya’s claim to the Somali Sea is still intact and could backfire. The reasons for the withdrawal that the Kenyan administration had put forward are the challenges posed by COVID-19 (financial, mobility, […]

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