Gamal Reelection

Gamal’s Uphill Battle For Re-election

After weeks of an uphill battle, Gamal Hassan, the Somali Minister of Planning, saw his candidacy to represent his clan in the Federal Parliament blocked. The controversial announcement made yesterday by the Puntland Electoral Commission put an end to his re-election bid. Puntland’s State Election Implementation Team (SEIT) has published the much expected list of […]

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EU Naval Forces

EU Naval Forces Have No More Business In Somali Waters

UN anti-piracy resolution officially ends on March 3. Somalia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Abukar Osman Baale, has convinced the UN Security Council that Somalia does not want a renewal of the anti-piracy measures granting sweeping powers to European Union Naval Forces (EUNAVFOR) and other foreign forces operating in Somali waters. EUNAVFOR, the European Union […]

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IOG Barons

Djibouti: Has The Race To Succeed IOG Begun?

Djiboutians have been witnessing for the last couple of weeks events worthy of a television series where barons of the current regime, under Ismail Omar Guelleh (IOG), have been locked up, for a few days unfortunately, at the “Gabode’s Sheraton‘‘. These barons used this oxymoron to refer to the infamous Gabode prison when they were […]

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How The Looming Deadline Reveals The Ugly Truth Of The Indirect Election

There are two days left to conclude Somalia’s parliamentary election as the February 25 agreed deadline approaches. With 70% of the 275 seats filled, politicians are resorting to dirty tricks to get their allies elected. Interestingly, the looming deadline revealed the ugly truth about the indirect election. For the past few days, things have been […]

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Shady deals

When Shady Oil Deals Collide With Integrity

A day ago, Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, sent shockwaves through Somalia by tweeting that he had signed seven Production Sharing Agreements (PSA) with Coastline Exploration Limited. This shady company, formerly known as Soma Oil and Gas, had coveted Somali oil for years and even conspired with Hassan Khaire, the disgraced […]

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February 7 to 13

Week Observer: February 7 to February 13

Elections Feb 8 The National Consultative Council had a teleconference chaired by PM Roble. The meeting focused on how to expedite the elections, as the February 25 deadline is fast approaching with over 100 MPs still to be elected. NCC members also discussed the latest security situation in the country, with each participant reporting on […]

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Mohamed Abib January

Mohamed Abib: A Voice For The Voiceless

The Kormeeraha team chose to shine the spotlight on Mr. Mohamed Abib for our January Personality for his imprint on Somaliland politics representing the voiceless. Mohamed Abib is an outspoken politician who now sits in the lower house of the self-declared Somaliland entity in northern Somalia. He was elected last year to the Somaliland parliament […]

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Week Observer - Jan 31-Feb 6

Week Observer: January 31 – February 6

Foreign Relations Feb 1 A Togo-flagged boat MV Fox, loaded with illegal charcoal at the Kismayo Port, Jubaland, under AMISOM’s Kenyan contingent supervision, is now anchored in Salalah, Oman. The ship run by a UAE-owned Company, Oscar Middle East Ship Management LLC, suffered a water leak and crew abandoned ship. The Somali government requested Oman […]

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Somalia Somaliland Map

Factors Impeding Somalia-Somaliland Talks

I have attended numerous Somali Twitter Space debates whose agenda was to find a solution to the factors impeding Somalia–Somaliland negotiations from making tangible progress. With all their good intentions, panelists invited to these forums have not only neglected to analyze this issue holistically, they also regurgitated the same talking points of British/Italian Somaliland and […]

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Hassan Ali Khaire

How Ex-PM Khaire Almost Sold Somalia’s Oil To Russia

In this article, we look into the archives and reveal how former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire sold nearly all of Somalia’s oil to Russia and was Putin’s inside man in the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS). Its no coincidence that Hassan Ali Khaire went from the director of an NGO, to an Oil and […]

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